Alittle while ago, I photographed these delicious mini chocolate bundt cakes for the lovely Torie of Victoria & Florence and I am super stoked she is sharing her recipe with you all here today! Now, over to Torie to explain how the bundt cake got it’s name and share with you some helpful tips on how to turn out them out perfectly… every time.



When I was little I always thought bundt cake was rather glamorous and surely involved some sort of difficult processes and other-wordly ingredients. It turns out the bundt in bundt cake has nothing to do with the cake itself but the actual tin that it’s baked in, basically it’s a slightly fancified ring tin.
Having finally got hold of some rather fabulous mini bundt tins I decided to try them out using, what in our house was always known simply as ‘birthday cake’ a chocolate cake recipe that my Mum knew off by heart and made for every birthday. I have since tweaked the recipe a bit (sorry Mum) to make it a little less sweet whilst still keeping it super simple to make. If you don’t own a bundt cake tin or cannot find one don’t worry, this recipe works equally well in a normal round tin sandwiched with some chocolate fudge icing. After some less than successful attempts I’ve realised the key to a beautiful looking bundt cake is to grease the tins thoroughly, and then grease them again to be extra sure. I’ve taken to using Wiltons cake release which is mostly made of soya bean oil but you can use butter or vegetable oil just as long as you use a brush to ensure it gets into all those decorative little corners.


• 200g self raising flour
• 225g caster sugar
• 2tbsp cocoa (good quality dark cocoa never hot chocolate powder)
• 100g butter
• 2 large free range eggs
• 1tsp vanilla essence
• 5tbsp sour cream (in the original recipe this was evaporated milk)
• 5tbsp milk


Mix together the flour, sugar and cocoa and then rub in the butter until it looks a bit sandy / like breadcrumbs. If you have either a stand mixer or a food processor you can chuck it all in there and it’ll speed up the process but it’s not necessary.

In a separate bowl mix the eggs with the vanilla, sour cream and the milk (or water if you’ve run out of milk, which happens to me from time to time) until it’s all amalgamated and then mix the wet ingredients into the dry.

Stir it all up until it’s well mixed and dollop it into the tin (fill the bundt tins about ¾ full) and put in the oven at 180C for about half an hour, you want a toothpick to come out clean but for the top of the cake not to be too dark. Leave the cake to cool in the tins for about half an hour and then turn them out and let them cool fully on a wire rack. If it looks like they’re not going to come out of the tins then pry the edges gently with a toothpick then turn the tin upside down onto a rack and give them a good shake, that normally does the trick.

To finish them off, top with melted chocolate which is tasty and has the added benefit of hiding any lumps on the top if they didn’t come out of the tin very well. Alternatively the mini bundt cakes taste great and look fab with a big dollop of double cream and some berries in the middle.


Don’t they look scrumptious? I would love to hear if you’ve given this recipe a go. I can’t wait to try making them myself. Thanks for visiting & if you liked this post make sure you check out similar ones below.



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