Wow!.. what can I say? Firstly, I would like to sincerely apologise to all you lovely readers for not having posted anything since June. Only days after my big launch I found out we were expecting our first little bundle of joy and as the disbelief and then excitement began to sink in, the onslaught of pregnancy hormones began to make their presence known. I was constantly feeling nauseous, eating had became a chore and was utterly exhausted by the end of each day that in all honesty, all I wanted to do when I got home from work was to crawl into bed. I had used up all my creative energy in my freelance work projects and there was sadly nothing left for Oh My Superfly!

I am now in my 2nd trimester and feeling a lot more like my old self. I’m once again getting excited about my plans for this blog and hope to be back blogging as soon as I can. Right now though, I’m trying to get as much work in before lil bubs arrives and mentally prepare for what lies ahead. Super excited!… Wish us luck!



Above: The first little thing I’ve bought for our soon to be cheeky lil monkey, made by designer maker Sally Nencini. It’s way too cute!! And the must-have London Underground ‘Baby on Board’ badge for my busy commutes to work.

Once again, I thank you for stopping by and please do check back now and then, there may just be a little something new. Take care. xx



Kitty - This is the most beautiful news I have heard all week, I am so happy for you! One million and one congratulations to you, Fanni. I can’t wait to see Superfly’s superpupae (sorry for the attempted witty pun there!) You’ll be an incredible Mama.



Fanni - Oh Kitty! You are too sweet! Thank you kindly :) hope you’ve been well xx

Sophie - Congratulations! :)

Elena @ Randomly Happy - Congratulations! You must he due soon. Hipe things are going well!

x Elena


Fanni - Thanks Elena! I am indeed. Really excited. x

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